Strategy implements a strategy to improve the inclusion of the Brussels-Capital Region's urban development at different territorial levels: the metropolis, Belgium, Europe and the world.


    Description' international, European and inter-regional strategy reflects Brusselsopenness to the world and its multiculturalism. It is fully in line with the Brussels-Capital Region’s policy in terms of external and inter-regional relations, in partnership with the administration Brussels International and other regional actors, such as, and

    In order to implement this strategy, has set up an interdisciplinary ‘Europe, international and inter-regional’ unit.  By working with all of’ departments, this unit launches projects with various cities and regions. It coordinates the representation of in different networks and cooperates with other regional, Belgian, European and inter-regional bodies.

    The objectives of’ international strategy

    In its areas of competence,’ international strategy has four objectives:

    1.  to develop cooperation with Flanders and Wallonia and the Inter-regional Forum of information on territorial planning (cooperation agreement between the country’s three Regions);
    2.  to provide official representation and defend the interests of the Brussels Region in European, Belgian and international bodies;
    3.  to have an active presence, defend the interests and promote Brussels in Belgian, European, and international networks;
    4.  to set up cooperation and projects with other cities and regions.

    The expected results

    At level


    1.  Improve and make the urban development process more effective by incorporating innovation and new practices from other cities or organisations.
    2.  Improve the internal knowledge of international urban issues and international policies for urban development, particularly by taking part in European and international studies and projects.
    3.  Improve the visibility of the projects and achievements of thereby improving the region's image.
    4.  Improve international recognition of the role of territorial planning and statistics in the development of cities.

    At Brussels-Capital Region level

    Contribute to:

    1.  Improve the image, influence and international promotion of the Brussels Capital Region.
    2.  Improve the recognition of the role of major cities and metropolitan areas abroad.
    3.  Improve the defence of Brussels’s interests at European and international level.

      Améliorer l’image, l’influence et la promotion internationale de la RBC.